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We Sell Best Pallet Jacks Since 2010

Searching for the best forklift trucks distributor that offers high-quality hybrid Pallet and pallet jacks in Toronto or Montreal ? A place with a high level of customer services whether you need to buy a semi pallet truck or you need some repairs done? Well, look no further!

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Global Lift Truck INC's Semi-electric pallet jack

Our Mission

To serve you better, we have partnered with top-rated forklift manufacturers.  Any time you make an order with us, we guarantee that you will get the best. And this is not all, we have a team of highly trained forklift experts who will attend to you.

Our Vision

Any time you need a pallet jack that is highly-advanced, easy to use, and safe, get in touch with Global Lift Truck. Like we’ve been doing for years, our experts will ensure that you get your pallet jack on time and at an affordable cost.

Our Value

Do you have a pallet jack that is no longer working or you need your pallet jack serviced? We can help with that as well! Our service technicians have undergone rigorous training in popular forklift factories such as Crown-Raymond. With this, you can be assured that your pallet jacks and forklift will be functional in no time so that you can get back to work soonest possible.

Our Journey


From our humble beginnings to our growth as a renowned lift truck distributor, our journey has always been about bringing the best value to our customers. Today, our legacy continues, with thousands of satisfied customers trusting our products and services.