About Global Lift Truck

Global Lift Truck

For Semi Pallet Truck And Hybrid Pallet

This is a story of how Passion creates success. Through our humble family beginning this business.

Global lifted truck started in North Jersey in 2005 as a forklift maintenance service provider.

Now we are offering repair and maintenance programs for forklifts and heavy equipment. As well as, providing a wide range of warehouse equipment in New Jersey and New York.

After the success achieved in USA, Our goal to accomplish the same in Quebec and Ontario Canada, to attain comparable success here as well.

Our Mission

GLT strives to be the leader in warehouse equipment industry. We are committed to continuously provide you with latest technology, prime valued products, most competitive prices and highest level of service

Our Vision

Safer, swifter, and saves your employer’s efforts for superlative results

Our Value

Ensure a healthy and safe work environment

Act honestly

Exceed expectations

Be more productive and efficient

hybird-pallet in Global lift truck